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Land Development
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Keeping Florida Green

The Environmental Protection Division of RIPA & Associates is a unique entity within our company that is dedicated to only one thing: the protection and preservation of Florida’s wetlands, waterways and natural resources.

We achieve this by establishing Environmental rules for each job. A few include: daily jobsite cleanup, constant monitoring and repair of erosion control devices, proper placement and safeguarding of fueling stations and approval of all dewatering methods.

Dotting the I’s and Crossing the T’s

RIPA takes compliance issues seriously. We employ our own Environmental Director who oversees other state qualified inspectors on his team. This highly trained and well led division of supervisors, inspectors and crews help insure that projects stay in compliance with all Local, State and Federal regulations.

In keeping with this commitment, RIPA & Associates requires its partner subcontractors and service providers to uphold and comply with all Environmental laws while working with RIPA.

Being Responsible Partners with the Land

Florida’s beautiful waterways, landscapes and varied ecosystems are constant reminders of the responsibility land developers and site contractors have in protecting the very resources that make this state a wonderful place to live. RIPA & Associates is proud to play a role in this quest by reducing waste, encouraging recycling and reuse of materials and being responsible partners with all Environmental agencies.

Read the RIPA & Associates Environmental Compliance Plan