Scholarship Application
The first place RIPA Scholarship is a $2,500 scholarship for one year. A runner-up RIPA Scholarship may be awarded at the Scholarship Committee’s discretion in the amount of $2,500, also for one year.
RIPA Scholarship
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RIPA Scholarship Application

Eligibility Requirements

The first place RIPA Scholarship is a $2,500 scholarship for one year. A runner-up RIPA Scholarship may be awarded at the Scholarship Committee’s discretion in the amount of $2,500, also for one year. Any senior high school student who is a child, grandchild or legal dependent of a current RIPA employee and who will be enrolling in an accredited college or university for the year beginning in September may apply. The enrollment may be in a curriculum of any number of years, but the scholarship will not exceed one year. However, a previous recipient of a RIPA Scholarship who maintains eligibility may continue to apply on a year to year basis.

How and when do I apply?
Complete the application in accordance with the instructions and mail it to the RIPA office at the address provided. All applications must be received in the RIPA office no later than May 20th.


Mailing Address:

RIPA & Associates

Attention: Scholarship Committee

1409 Tech Boulevard, Suite 1
Tampa, FL 33619

What must accompany the application?
The application MUST be returned along with a transcript of high school grades through the latest period prior to April 20th and a letter of recommendation from a member of the high school faculty. That letter shall include the number of students in the graduating class and the applicant’s standing in the class.

How will the application be judged?
The scholarship recipient will be selected by the Scholarship Committee based on the general worthiness of the application. The Scholarship Committee will consider (l) scholastic standing, (2) ACT and/or SAT scores, (3) extracurricular activities, (4) career goals, (5) past employment, (6) essay and (7) thoroughness of the completed application. This is a merit based scholarship and not based on applicant’s needs.

If selected as a finalist by the Scholarship Committee, you may be required to attend a pre-selection, in-person interview at the RIPA office on a date selected by the Scholarship Committee. If selected as one of the scholarship recipients, you MUST attend the RIPA Scholarship Awards Dinner to receive your award.

If selected, must I maintain eligibility?
To be eligible for a future RIPA Scholarship, you must remain enrolled in an accredited college or university and you must maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA. You are required to send a transcript to the RIPA office not later than April 20th of each year. You must attend the RIPA Scholarship Awards Dinner each year to accept your check for the next year, unless there is an emergency and alternate arrangements have been made in advance. In addition, the RIPA employee listed on this application must be a current RIPA employee in good standing.

How will the confidentiality of the application be protected?
When the application has been received by RIPA, each application will be given a number and an acknowledgment is sent to the applicant. The application is handled only by the Scholarship Committee support staff. Once this has been completed, the first page of the application will be placed in a sealed envelope marked only with the application number. Staff will then review the application in detail and remove any and all words or references that provide information relating to the applicant’s identity or affiliated RIPA employee. The Scholarship Committee will meet at a predetermined time to review only sanitized copies of the application. Should any committee member recognize the applicant through the remaining information, that member will disqualify themselves from consideration of that application and the remaining Scholarship Committee members will make the determinations regarding that application. Only winning envelopes are opened and the others are destroyed.

How can I obtain further information?
If you have any questions or need clarification of any details, contact Michelle Furey at the main office by telephone at (813) 623-6777 or via e-mail at

Meet the 2020 Scholarship Recipients
Justin Sylvester 2017 Recipient
Tiffany Wilson & Manuel Tarango 2018 Recipients
Mosheven Mast 2019 Recipient
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