Bexley Mass Grade / Bexley Phase 2
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Bexley Mass Grade / Bexley Phase 2

Newland Communities has contracted RIPA & Associates to be part of the first stage in a project that could be as big as FishHawk Ranch. The Bexley site is located at S.R. 54 at the Suncoast Parkway. The total project involves nearly 7,000 acres and will contain 6,000 single family homes, 1,000 multi-family units and over 800,000 square feet of retail/office space. The project also will include a network of trails that will provide miles of both paved and dirt pathways for residents.
Our initial contract with Newland is a Mass Grading contract involving nearly 2 million CY of excavation over 500 acres, along with more than 3,000 LF of Box Culvert. RIPA also has been awarded a contract for building more than a mile of Bexley Village Drive. We have had an excellent relationship with Newland, and we hope this joint partnership will provide sustainable work for years to come.


Pasco County