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Clearing, Grading and Excavation

Preparing a property parcel for construction. RIPA clears unwanted trees, brush and debris and removes undesirable materials from the site. Our excavation crews then dig and shape ponds and swales establishing the basic contour of the project. Our grading crews cut and level roadways, building pads and parking lots for the initial phasing of the job.

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Infrastructure and Utility
Water, Storm, Sewer, Fire Line, Force Main and Lift Stations

The utility construction phase involves setting in place all the underground utilities for the infrastructure and future operation of a project. RIPA’s crews trench and install pipe and conduit for the safe and reliable flow of water, storm drainage, sewer service, force main and fire protection. Our sewer crews set shallow or deep lift stations, even in difficult environments. All these processes follow best management practices and are seamlessly coordinated by the logistical oversight of project management.

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Whether you are a developer, contractor, engineer or a property owner, if you have an interest in working with us,  please contact us today. We can help you with value engineering and budgeting for your project. We look forward to hearing from you to learn more about your project and how we can be of service!

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Roadway Construction
FDOT certified, Asphalt, Paving, Concrete, Curb and Sidewalks

The finishing touches for include asphalt and concrete paving which prepares a job site for the flow of people. Concrete sidewalks provide avenues for pedestrian traffic, while curbing can border landscape islands as well as manage the flow of storm water to proper drainage. The asphalt or concrete paving, road signage and traffic striping set the stage for vehicular traffic for both residential and commercial use. Final punch-list items are performed in a timely manner then the completed project is turned over to the satisfied client.
RIPA & Associates is an FDOT certified contractor.